Stainless steel is a sturdy material that is protected against wear, rust, and tear. It is easy to maintain and safe to use. Stainless steel tables are nice additions to homes and offices.

Are you looking for a table that offers you a generous work surface and a storage space, all in one unit? Read on to find the perfect option from our list of the top 5 best stainless steel tables.

Best Stainless Steel Tables 2022

1. GRIDMANN NSF Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchen Prep & Work Table with Backsplash

Tabla de cocina Gridmann de acero inoxidable – 36 pulgadas x 24 in.

This heavy-duty stainless table features an adjustable undershelf, which offers you plenty of room for storage. The size of this model will suit any workspace that measures about 48-inch long, 34-inch high, with 24-inch wide. When you include the backsplash, the height measures 36-inch.

Gridmann stainless steel table is an ideal choice for both commercial and home kitchens, hospitals, offices, laundry, restaurants, schools, and laboratories. It is built to last a lifetime and is approved by NSF. The backsplash protects and prevents the items on the table from falling off. Thanks to the smooth round edge that offers extra safety when in use.

This product features modifiable non-marring feet with galvanized legs, which ensures that the table remains stable, even on jagged floors. It is easy to assemble the parts together. However, some reviewers complained about some minor defects that are due to poor packaging, such as dents, scratches, and scuffs.

2. Rockpoint 36 in. x 24 in. with Backsplash Kitchen Table

ROCKPOINT Mesa de acero inoxidable para preparación y trabajo con protector contra salpicaduras, 36 x 24 pulgadas; mesa de cocina comercial de metal NSF con estante inferior ajustable y pie de mesa para restaurante, hogar y hotel

This model is one of NSF certified stainless steel prep tables that is made of 430 stainless steel and 18-gauge, making it resistant to corrosion. The design and material utilized meet all the stringent food safety requirements. It measures 36-inch long, 24-inch wide with 34.7-inch height, including the backsplash.

The edges on the back and front of the tabletop are round-shaped for working convenience. Although it is simple to set up, this stainless steel table comes with an instruction manual and requires few tools to assemble. Rockpoint kitchen table is easy to clean and maintain.

The dimension of this option makes it a great choice for small homes, garages, offices, and kitchens. This double-tier stainless steel table features a bottom shelf that is flexible and handy when creating an ample storage space beneath the top shelf. The adjustable feet are non slip and offer maximum safety when working.

3. AmGood Stainless Steel Double-Tier Shelf | Work Table Overshelf

Amgood Mesa de trabajo de acero inoxidable de doble nivel, mesa de trabajo y estantería de metal para cocina (mesa de trabajo de 14 x 60 pulgadas + estante de 12 pulgadas)

AmGood stainless steel table is suitable for use in the warehouse, kitchen, supermarket, workshop, laundry room, and other commercial spaces. It features a bottom shelf that is height-adjustable to satisfy different storage needs. This model is crafted from durable 18 gauge stainless steel material, which is foolproof against corrosion and rust.

This heavy-duty work table is well packaged and meets all the requirements of NSF, which makes it food safe. This product measures 24-inch long and 18-inch deep. It doesn’t come with a backsplash, which makes it not well suited for preparing delicate food.

Aside from this, it is an excellent choice for commercial purposes. The adjustable feet prevent wobbling on uneven grounds. Plus, the 18 gauge steel is easy to clean and will maintain its color even after multiple uses. This table comes with the necessary tool required for installing different parts.

4. John Boos SNB07 Maple Top Work Table

Next in line is the only stainless steel table with a wooden top on our list. If you have a wooden cutting board and you are looking for a wooden top stainless table to match your kitchenware, this model is the perfect choice for you.

John Boos SNB07 Maple Top Work Table features an edge grain maple wood that is suitable for both home and commercial use. Also, it comes with stainless steel legs and bracing for support. The smooth surface top has a food-safe oil finish that makes it perfect for large scale food preparation and kneading of dough.

This model measures 30-inch wide, 36-inch long, and 36-inch high. Plus, the wood is 1.75-inch thick. Although the surface will require frequent oiling to prevent splitting, it is durable and performs exceptionally well when maintained properly. This NSF approved comes with adjustable bullet feet and is easy to set up.

5. LJ Stainless Steel Work Table Food Prep Worktable

The last model but not the least on our list is LJ Stainless Steel Work Table. It is crafted from 18 gauge stainless steel that is resistant to wear and tear. This stainless steel table is not meant for only kitchen use. It is a high-quality table that can double as a tool bench or an outdoor workspace.

Assembling the various parts such as the undershelf and feet is hassle-free, which will take less than an hour to install. The under shelf can be set wherever you want to suit your needs. It is detachable and adjustable, offering you sufficient storage or working space. The heavy-duty top can withstand high volume use.

Besides, with a certificate from NSF, which means it meets up the standards required, this product is safe to use and easy to clean.

What To Look For When Buying A Stainless Steel Table

There are various factors to look out for when buying a stainless steel table from the market. We have discussed the important ones that will help you make a better decision in this guide. They are:


When selecting a stainless steel table, you have to check if it has an open base or an undershelf, or a drawer.

Most stainless steel tables come with an undershelf, and few options feature an open base or drawer. However, the model you choose is dependent on your personal preference or need.

If you intend to store other items under the table due to limited space in your home or office, it is better to buy one with an under shelf or drawer. But if you plan to store heavy kitchen gadgets underneath the table, an open rear option will be better because of the weight.

Edge Type

The edge of the table also matters when selecting. Some models feature a backsplash, which prevents the stored items from tumbling down to the floor. There are other options without the backsplash, but they feature either a flat edge or a round-shaped edge.

The backsplash of every stainless steel table differs in inches. The round-shaped edge offers more comfort when in use. However, tables with a flat shaped edge are easier to place alongside other tables or in between countertops. Make sure to settle for a model that you are satisfied with when buying.

Types Of Stainless Steel

There are two main types of steel used in making tables; they are known as 430 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel. The 430 steel is of cheap quality and contains less amount of chromium. It is hard to bend but not as durable as 304.

On the other hand, 304 is more expensive and contains a higher amount of chromium. It is non-magnetic but flexible.


There are three standard varieties of gauge, which are 18, 16, and 14. The gauge has to do with the steel thickness and its resilience. The higher the gauge, the thinner the steel. Moreover, what you plan to use the table for will determine the type of gauge you select.

Most stainless steel tables are made of 18 gauge because it is economical and affordable. However, they are only suited for light tasks because they are thinner and are likely to bend easily. Stainless steel tables that feature 14 gauge last longer than the other gauge options and are better suited for heavy jobs.

How do you clean your stainless steel table?

It doesn’t matter where you place your table. The surface will definitely get dirty, dusty, or even stained after some time. The necessary materials for cleaning your stainless steel table are a soft towel, mild soap, wiping sponges, plastic scouring pads, and microfiber.

You just have to wipe the surface before and after each use with a wiping sponge dipped in water and clean the top with a towel.


Aside from the factors mentioned in the buying guide, you need to put into consideration the weight and size of the table when selecting. The best stainless steel table should be able to handle rigorous use. Regardless of the product you settle for, we are confident that it will serve your purpose for a long time.

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